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Jean-Pierre Augier ou l'art de voire

Jean-Pierre Augier ou l'art de voir

Éditions du Grand-Saint-Bernard, Switzerland

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Three worn, battered, rust-eaten shovels  become three figures who step into the light and come towards us. The sculptor Jean-Pierre Augier’s true skill lays there: the art of seeing  how to transform old tools into figures. This book explores the self-taught sculptor’s career, from his childhood and  his encounter with art, until the flourishing of his talent. The sculptures’ photographs reveal his progression in the exploration of shapes; the text, full of imagery, was directly inspired by what he told about his life’s story. Through the drawings from the first exhibition catalogs, we have a better perception of his work. After having sculpted thousands of works of art for more than fifty years, Jean-Pierre Augier still carries on with his art relentlessly, happily shaping iron into living creatures.

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Livre Jean-Pierre Augier, Scultpure

Jean-Pierre Augier, Sculpteur

ROM publishing house, 2011

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Through Jean-Pierre’s derealizing vision, discarded tools and old irons parts turn into an enchanted world that the sculptor’s hand can skillfully shape. Through his work emanates grace, movement, tenderness, humor: a true happiness lesson. We enter his world easily, and feel excited, surprised at the naturalness of the figure’s poses, at how beautiful the materials are, at how imaginative the artist is.
The talent and joy he puts in this work radiate from the 70 photographs taken by his wife Monika, associated with an original study by Gérard Saint-Guirons.

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